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Personal development

Hydratec offers room for talent. We offer trainees and recent graduates the chance to gain experience in our high-tech production environments. Some of them then go on to join us as new colleagues. We work closely with educational institutions for the best match between student and company.

Helvoet | High Precision Components

Helvoet has been a global supplier of precision components made from technical polymers for more than 80 years. The company specialises in the development and batch production of complex assemblies for specialist markets. Helvoet develops products made from plastic (thermoplastic and thermoset), silicone casting rubber, rubber, or a combination of these, in conjunction with its customers. The company then assembles them into semi-manufactured products or a complete functional module. This combination of knowledge-intensive and cost-efficient development gives Helvoet a unique position in the world of precision components.

The rising demand for smart sampling methods with ‘smart consumables’ ideally positions Helvoet for various health-tech applications, such as medical cartridges, point-of-care instruments and diagnostic devices. Essential components for the Life Sciences market are produced in cleanrooms (areas with very low levels of airborne particulates) that support the development of personalised medicine. Helvoet’s innovative plastic process technology creates new opportunities for things like DNA analysis using PCR techniques. 

Helvoet’s technology is also used in fuel, braking and drive systems, fuel cells, beverage dispensing systems and sensor technology for autonomous driving. Production volumes vary from medium to very large. 

Continuous product and process quality improvement and ‘zero defects manufacturing’ are standard Helvoet tools. Helvoet’s production sites have all the quality systems and certificates necessary for its specific markets. To continue to meet this high quality level, Helvoet invests in its people, processes and machines on an ongoing basis.