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Industrial Systems

Our Industrial Systems segment includes Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that market complete systems under their own brand name. These sustainable production systems respond to the growing global demand for food and clean drinking water. Our companies’ innovative and integrated solutions help to minimise wastage in our customers’ production processes. Industrial Systems’ major market segments are the global poultry, convenience food and pet food sectors and the construction of water supply lines for sanitation and clean water.

Industrial Systems enables us to offer a broad range of products and to achieve a good spread across a variety of countries and customers. At the same time, our focus is on specialisation and standardisation to remain cost effective. Smart standardisation enables us to reuse good solutions, thus lowering costs and risks. As a systems supplier, we go further than simply building machines. We study our customers’ operations in depth. In close collaboration with customers, suppliers and universities, we continually develop and introduce new products – for existing customers too – which perform more functions and generate added value.