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Each operating company has a Code of Conduct, which employees and management undertake to uphold. These codes relate to health, safety, the environment, human rights, bribery and compliance with legislation and regulations. Hydratec Industries’ core values form the guiding principle in all these Codes of Conduct.

Hydratec’s human rights policy is to minimise the risk of any direct or indirect negative impact on the community. As laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we respect human rights and strive to ensure that they are not violated. Human rights violations impact on an individual’s privacy and also have consequences for Hydratec’s reputation with customers, suppliers, or (new) employees. Given its risk profile, Hydratec does not have generic indicators in this area. The same human rights standards apply to our foreign branches and our agents. No reports of human rights violations have been made or are known about at Hydratec.

Hydratec’s policy on the topics of customer satisfaction, employee engagement, meaningful work, and transparent operations has been laid down in the Hydratec code of conduct. This code of conduct is available on the Hydratec website. When it comes to our partner relationships, we pursue a customer policy and an agent policy. Codes of conduct are signed by our employees and agents. Our companies individually take care of any aspects for which the group has not defined a formal policy. The group has not set any KPIs to measure these topics. Our whistleblower scheme offers customers, employees and other stakeholders a way to report any abuses. Details of this scheme are available on our website.

Mitigating measures taken under the anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy are explained in the section on the legal risk.