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Rollepaal | Pipe Extrusion Technology

Rollepaal is a cutting-edge manufacturer of extrusion machines for PVC, PVC-O and PO pipes. The company’s strength is its innovative nature. Our high-tech machines are renowned for their high quality in which the focus is on durability, service and support.

Founded in the 1960s, Rollepaal was part of Europe’s largest pipe producer for many years. This gave Rollepaal the chance to learn all about pipe manufacturing from the customer’s point of view. Rollepaal’s mission is to actively contribute to its customers’ success by developing sustainable, cost-saving solutions.

The raw materials are by far the biggest cost component in the manufacture of plastic pipes. Some 80% of manufacturing costs comprise raw materials and consumables. It is therefore important to reduce their weight to a minimum while adhering to the required specifications for the pipes. Rollepaal offers various solutions for managing the quality of the pipe during production. Rollepaal machines enable customers to both minimise excess weight and control the thickness of the walls, thus reducing the cost of their products.

Rollepaal has customers all over the world. We export our products to more than 100 countries. Advice and services are readily available in many countries through our offices in the Netherlands (Dedemsvaart), the US (Baltimore) and India (Ahmedabad) as well as from agents all over the world.

JM Eagle, VS

“Rollepaal produces top-quality systems. Their employees and the knowledge they have about extrusion make all the difference. What sets the company apart is its understanding of end use. We collaborate closely with the technical support team and jointly create top-quality machines, built to last and to perform.”

Chuck Clark, VP of production