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Helvoet | High Precision Plastic Components

Helvoet has been a global supplier of precision components made from rubber and plastic for more than 80 years. The company specialises in complex assembly for the Food, Health and Mobility markets.

Helvoet develops products made from plastic (thermoplastic and thermoset), rubber, or a combination of the two, in conjunction with its customers. The company then assembles them into semi-manufactured products or into a complete functional module. This combination of knowledge-intensive and cost-efficient development gives Helvoet a unique position in the world of precision components. Helvoet’s products are used in fuel systems, braking and drive systems, dosing systems for beer, coffee and milk, medical cartridges, point-of-care instruments and diagnosis equipment. Production volumes vary from medium to very large.

Plastic and rubber-based technology is continually evolving. More and more possibilities are emerging to rival conventional materials. For example, plastic components are increasingly being used as replacements for metal parts in the automotive sector, reducing weight and therefore causing less of an environmental burden. Helvoet is continuously working to improve the quality of its products and processes. ‘Zero defects’ is currently the standard. Helvoet’s production sites have all the quality systems and certificates necessary for its specific markets. To continue to meet this high quality level, Helvoet invests in its people, processes and machines on an ongoing basis.

Helvoet has sales offices and production sites in the Netherlands (Tilburg and Hellevoetsluis), Belgium (Lommel), Germany (Munich), India (Pune) and Poland (Kaniow and Wroclaw). It also has a sales office in the US (Detroit).

Qiagen N.V. Netherlands

“Qiagen supplies sampling and testing technologies for molecular diagnostics, testing in practice and academic and pharmaceutical research. We worked closely with Helvoet in 2020 on the production of an advanced polymer-based consumable. We were impressed by their dynamic approach and dedication, and also by the transparency of communication in a high-calibre, advanced technology setting. Working together has made us successful.”

Serge Van Vooren, Vice President Purchasing, Head of global procurement